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Trevor Stuurman

ELLE magazine SA‟s award winning Style reporter and blogger, Trevor Stuurman has been solidifying a name for himself since the tender age of three as a trend setter and trend hunter in his Kimberly home town. A student of subjects both figurative and literal he captures the expressions of today‟s entrepreneurial success stories as they unfold. Working for Sunglass Hut as a Brand Influencer and Street Style Reporter has also put him par with many designers excellence in presentation ethos, paying attention to the finer details of beautiful design. He Graduated from AFDA in 2012 and Started Working at ELLE magazine SA to date travelling throughout the country documenting the evolutionary spill over of design and cultural influence into the current urban culture.

About Fela

Fela Nation is an advertising agency that is dedicated to lifting homegrown brands.

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  1. Odwa G

    Coolest street style reporter. Trevor puts South African fashion on the map. Well done Fela, some cool stuff here bros!

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