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Introducing the New Durban Transport System

Go!Durban will be the largest new public transport network in South Africa. Construction has started and we had the privilege of launching the new brand with the following campaign. The Go!Durban brand launch campaign aimed to inspire the people of Durban to dream of a safer, cleaner, faster, connected and caring Durban. All the print ad copy ends with the line:

“Imagine the new integrated public transport network that will take us there.”

The perception of Durban is that business is slower then Johannesburg. Therefore it was important to show a dynamic, efficient looking transport network to represent faster business. We originally portrayed a business man on the new train, but I chose to shoot a professional looking black business woman to show a more progressive Durban. This image is made up of a fully 3D illustrated environment. Only the models and handbag where photographed and dropped in.
This ad hi-lights the greener transport network that includes new bicycle paths throughout out the city. The aim of this ad was to make Durban look like Central Park, New York. To create the final visual, we combined about 16 photographs of familiar parts of Durban but in a completely new way. From the surrounding streets of Moses Mabhida Stadium to the Durban Botanic Gardens. Local Durbanites feel like they recognise this city, even though this Durban doesn’t exist yet.
Naturally different communities and culture stay in different parts of Durban. This ad shows how the new integrated public transport network will connect people from different cultures. I added the skateboard and roller blades to illustrate how people will come together through common interests. This image was pure photography, combining multiple shots to get the focus onto the mixed race couple.
Safety is a big priority for any public transport system. The best scenario to show the need for security is a single mom with her baby, waiting alone at night for a bus. The final image was created with super realistic 3D illustration of the environment including the glass bus stop and the new bus. I ensured the bus station was well lit in contrast to the dark cityscape.
Showing an interior view of the new bus stations was the ideal platform to illustrate the universal access of the new public transport network. I deliberately did not have anyone pushing the wheel chair because the main point of universal access is that its user friendly for anyone. The entire environment was create in 3D illustration, and the models where shot in studio.

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