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Durbanites Move to Muvo

We designed this campaign to convince commuters to move from using the old bus coupons, to the new electronic Muvo card for all public transport. To celebrate the new cards they ran a competition to win free public transport for 1 year. The dancing models show celebration, while illustrating the play on words of “move” to …

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A New Language for Magents

Magents is Afro Vintage in origin but inspired by the climate, the geography, the music, and the spirit of South Africa. The signature Magents t-shirt reflects the exploding talent of a new country, and the eagerness of South Africans to take risks and reinvent themselves. The brand reflects youth and …

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Satisfying a Hunger for New Design

Since Hungry Lion opened its first store in Stellenbosch in 1997, the concept has grown into a chain of 160 fast food outlets operating in eight countries throughout Southern Africa. The remarkable expansion can be attributed to the huge following as a result of its consistently great tasting chicken, bigger …

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