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How to Work Social Media Like a Boss

It has now become an accepted fact that social media marketing is quintessential for business success! Being a part of social media is no longer a choice, it is about how you magnify your online social presence and blanket your target audience. The rules of social media marketing are evolving …

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How to Make Your Brand Famous in Africa

We all have favorite brands. And who says favorite, says feelings. Positive feelings. Why are the brands surrounding you your favorites? Why, when, at some point, you had to make a choice, did you make these ones? This one? Each brand has it own personality (if we can say so), …

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7 Ways To Test If Black People Will Buy Your Product

Many brands make the mistake of adopting a ‘one-size-fits all’ approach to launching and marketing their new product. Too late they find out that a simple translation of a successful overseas product¬† is not necessarily going to see the company win big in the South African black market. And when …

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How Technology is Pimping Up Content Marketing

South African content marketing is rapidly evolving. Producing generic content and throwing it out there hoping for a miracle is no longer a marketing strategy for any business that hopes to stay competitive. Spun content on web pages, auto-generated videos, and other poor content marketing strategies will often have a …

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Do African Consumers Respond to Giveaways

Often we are asked by our Johannesburg clients to promote their products using sweepstakes and giveaways. But it begs a question: do they work to improve sales and visibility? As a sweeper (the term sweepstakes entrants use to describe themselves) on and off since 2002, I can offer some experience …

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The Safe Way To Shop Online

Shopping has never been easier than it is nowadays. Products arrive quickly, the deals are generally better than in stores, and who can beat the convenience of browsing through thousands of products from the comfort of your own home? Unfortunately, with such easy access to thousands of e-commerce sites, many …

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