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Fela Nation is an advertising company that is dedicated to liberating brands by bridging divides through insightful STRATEGIES. Unleashing creativity through award winning COPYWRITING and DESIGN. Sparking imaginations through the art of STORYTELLING and FILM. Reinventing the future with DIGITAL COMMUNICATION. And inspiring mass participation through RADIO, TELEVISION and BRAND ACTIVATIONS.


At our core, we are an empowerment-driven advertising agency that is established to position brands that are rooted in the African market. We exist to close the void between marketers, media practitioners and the African market from a 360 degree offering. To create insightful, intrusive and socially relevant ideas in advertising, marketing, design, film, digital, radio and television industries. And to create a space for our clients to interact and expand their affinity with their core consumers. We intend to become the number one communication destination for homegrown brands.


Our creative team has over 12 experience in lifting homegrown brands, winning over 25 advertising awards collectively for innovation in creative marketing.

Award winning Creative Art & Design Director. Marketing and Communication experience on South Africa’s key brands. Influenced and elevated South African brands with cutting edge design. Passionate about creative ideas that change people’s lives and improve quality of life.

Award winning Creative Copywriting Director. Marketing and Communication experience on South Africa’s key brands. Elevated local and international brands with cutting edge copy and creative concepts. Experience in advertising, journalism, music production and digital.

Vumile Creative Art Director 083 668 3529
Sifiso Creative Copy Director 083 483 6629